A good personal injury lawyer gets good results. An excellent personal injury lawyer earns excellent results.

One bad decision by another driver can change your life forever. A collision can total your car, injure your body, knock you out of work, and lead to medical bills that you can’t pay—creating physical, emotional, and financial problems. Long after the wreckers have left, you’re still picking up the pieces.

At Butler Tobin our personal injury lawyers understand that car wrecks bring not just pain, but hardship.  As our clients can tell you, we can help.

In this clip from a car accident trial in Atlanta, Georgia, the auto accident attorneys at Butler Tobin describe for the jury what the collision was like for our client.

We can’t “undo” the wreck, but we can help you pick up the pieces. Most of the time, the first place we look to obtain the recovery you need is the other driver’s insurance. We begin with the at-fault driver’s liability coverage, which should be at least $25,000 under Georgia law. We’ll then look for other insurance policies that may offer coverage, such as another driver’s policy, an umbrella policy, or medical payments coverage.  We’re ready and able to take your case to trial, where we know how to win.

We know the law, and we use it to our clients’ advantage—for instance, unless our clients have signed a written rejection with the insurance company, we can usually collect uninsured motorist benefits. See Abrohams v. Atl. Mut. Ins. Co., 282 Ga. App. 176, 182 (2006). When we start piecing things together using our knowledge of the law, we can discover insurance that our clients didn’t think they had.

Certain cases provide what the law calls “punitive damages”—that is, a verdict that will “penalize, punish, or deter” the other driver so that he or she does not repeat the misconduct and harm someone else. O.C.G.A. § 51-12-5.1(a). Punitive damages are appropriate where another driver made a conscious decision that put other drivers at risk—or, in the language of the law, displayed “that entire want of care which would raise the presumption of conscious indifference to consequences.” O.C.G.A. § 51-12-5.1(b). A smart car accident attorney knows when to ask for punitive damages, and when not to.

Our car accident lawyers help our clients pick up the pieces. We take on the insurance companies or at-fault parties to earn our clients the compensation they need. That leaves our clients free to stop worrying and move on with their lives. As a Butler Tobin client, your job is to heal and move on to the next phase of your life—we’ll handle the rest.

Tenaya was driving home from work when she was hit by a negligent driver who fled from the scene. We worked hard to uncover the truth and get Tenaya the justice she deserved. She is a wonderful person and we are glad she chose us to help.

When another driver made an illegal left turn in front of the car Malcom was riding in, it changed Malcom’s life forever.  To make matters worse, the police initially got the wreck wrong and put fault on the wrong driver.  We visited the scene of the wreck, investigated the vehicles, and tracked down the witnesses—and we proved the other driver was at fault.  As a result of our hard work, on a Saturday night before trial scheduled for Tuesday morning, the insurance company settled Malcom’s case for a confidential, but satisfactory, amount.

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