Your security is too important to be ignored.

Property Security

Everyone needs a safe place to stay. And if you’re a tenant at an apartment complex or a guest at a hotel or other business, you not only need a safe place to stay—you’re paying for one. When you pay your apartment rent or hotel fee, part of what you’re buying is your safety. It’s built into the bargain.

The legal term for this concept is “invitee.” When a business invites you onto the property for its own benefit—whether because you’re paying rent, paying a room rate, or buying groceries—Georgia law considers you an “invitee.” McGarity v. Hart Elec. Membership Corp., 307 Ga. App. 739, 742-43 (2011). That means that the business has a duty to take reasonable care for your safety. Id. at 742.

Most businesses live up to the bargain—they provide security measures like door locks, road gates, lighting, and security patrols. Their tenants and guests are paying for a safe place to stay, and they’re getting it.

Premises Liability Lawyer

But some owners break the bargain. Some apartment or hotel owners choose profit over safety and instead of keeping their tenants or guests safe, they skimp on security measures. That allows criminals onto the property. Predictably, the tenants or guests pay the price—they may become victims of shootings, robberies, sexual assault, and other crimes that would have been prevented if the owner had done the right thing. Oftentimes, it’s a result of poor security measures that innocent people find themselves victimized.  Where a business has superior knowledge of prior dangerous activity, and has the ability to put safeguards in place to prevent future crime but doesn’t, the business may be held liable if another crime—such as a shooting, robbery, or rape—occurs on the property.

The attorneys at Butler Tobin know how to fight back against property owners who break their bargain and fail to provide security.  If you or someone you care about has been a victim of a crime that should never have happened, call the attorneys at Butler Tobin.  We’ll fight for you.

A commercial security force was supposed to protect our client—but instead, a security guard put him in grave danger. When the news media investigated the case, which involved a shooting, Butler Tobin moved quickly to protect the crime victim.

When an apartment complex fails to provide adequate security, violence breaks out and the shooting starts. When one Atlanta apartment owner failed to provide enough security—and failed to tell the truth about it to his tenants—one man on the property became the victim of a shooting. When Butler Tobin took his case, we located a former employee of the apartment complex who told the truth about how dangerous it was. She told us about the prior crime, about security personnel being held up at gunpoint, and about how the owner lied.

An apartment complex has a duty to protect tenants and their guests from foreseeable crime. In this case, an apartment complex failed to provide adequate security, and our client was shot. In this video, we ask the apartment manager HOW MANY violent crimes would have been enough to force the apartment to warn tenants and their guests about the danger.