Another Successful Personal Injury Trial!

Butler Tobin prevailed in trial again, for the third time in four weeks!  In this trial, which arose out of a tractor-trailer accident, the defendants settled with our client after opening statements for $750,000.  Our client was very pleased.

Read more about the case below.

This week a personal injury case against Pemberton Truck Lines, Inc. settled for $750,000 after opening statements in the Northern District of Georgia’s Newnan Division.  The settlement came hours after the defendants admitted liability for the collision, which they had steadfastly denied up until that point, according to Jeb Butler of Butler Tobin LLC, who represented the Plaintiff.

The admission of liability was driven largely by the testimony of an eyewitness who saw the Defendant’s tractor-trailer driving erratically about 15 minutes before the collision, according to Butler.  Judge Timothy Batten of the Northern District of Georgia ruled that this eyewitness’s testimony was admissible on Friday, Butler said, and on Monday morning, the defense admitted liability.

“That was powerful testimony,” said Butler.  “The eyewitness, Promise Whitley, was diagnosed with terminal cancer after this collision happened, and she took time out of her final days on earth to give a deposition that we could play to this jury.  It doesn’t get any more credible than that.”

For plaintiff’s counsel Butler Tobin LLC, this was the third successful personal injury trial within four weeks.

Darren Tobin of Butler Tobin and Ronnie Mabra of The Mabra Firm also represented the plaintiff and participated in the trial.

“Since the case settled so early, it feels a little like we got all dressed up then had no place to go,” said Tobin, “but it was a good settlement number and our client is pleased.”

The case was defended by Kathleen Hurley and Maggie Beall of Cruser Mitchell, Novitz, Sanchez, Gaston & Zimet LLP.  All plaintiffs’ counsel agreed that Hurley and Beall were good lawyers and worthy opponents.

The case was White v. Pemberton Truck Lines, Inc. and Cherokee Insurance Company, No. 3:17-CV-00080.