We help people and families. As personal injury lawyers, many of our clients come to us after someone has been injured or killed. We help clients who have affected by truck accidents, car accidents, sexual assaults, and other crimes. We handle serious injury and death cases in Atlanta and across Georgia. With offices in Atlanta, Lawrenceville, Jonesboro, and Sandy Springs, our firm is set up to help clients in the Atlanta metro area and beyond.


On the highway, some truckers drive like bullies. In the courtroom, we turn the tables. When tractor-trailers, dump trucks, or other commercial vehicles take to the road for business purposes, they’re sharing the road with families and private citizens. In return, commercial drivers are supposed to drive cautiously and responsibly so that other people aren’t in danger. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen.


A lot can change in a moment. In the blink of an eye, another driver can send you to the hospital, knock you out of work, destroy your car, or cause the death of a loved one. That leaves you picking up the pieces—battling with insurance companies, struggling with household bills, and trying to obtain medical treatment. At Butler Tobin, we fight insurance companies on behalf of our clients every day. We know how to help.

Lyft and Uber accidents are different than other collisions. If an Uber or Lyft vehicle is involved in an accident, both the driver and passenger have special protections that other motorists don’t.  At Butler Tobin, we know how to secure the special evidence that companies like Uber and Lyft keep—and we know how to unlock the special insurance protections that working drivers and paying passengers deserve.
We help people fight back. Crime victims deserve help and support, not criticism and indifference. At Butler Tobin, we empower victims to hold their attackers accountable.
If a manufacturer makes money selling a product—whether it’s a car, a tire, or something else—that manufacturer must make sure the product isn’t harming people or their families. But some manufacturers don’t live up to the deal. Some automakers sell cars that put the drivers at risk and some tire companies sell tires that can come apart on the road. When a product manufacturer wrongfully puts its customers or their families at risk, we know how to hold them responsible.
There’s something you should know about the legal system: you only get one chance. If something bad happens—if you or a loved one are seriously injured, or if a loved one is killed—you only have one chance to hold the at-fault party responsible. You need a good lawyer. Don’t take the risk of hiring a law firm simply because it ran a TV commercial or advertised on a billboard. At Butler Tobin, we know how to handle serious injury and wrongful death cases.

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You’ve only got one shot. If you’re visiting this website because you or a loved one has been hurt, killed, or needs an attorney, you only have one chance to bring your case. Make it count. You’ll need a trial lawyer who will focus on your case, will fight on your behalf, and knows how to win in a courtroom.

We do the hard work. Unlike many personal injury law firms, Butler Tobin takes only a small number of cases so that we can focus on the clients that we represent.  We do the hard work that other lawyers skip—we dig into the facts, talk with witnesses, pursue new avenues of recovery, and form a strategic plan for every case. Often, defendants and insurance companies try to settle with our clients. When they don’t offer what they should, we take the case to a jury. We know how to win, and have obtained jury verdicts of up to $150 million.

When you hire us, insurance companies and defense lawyers know you’ve hired excellent lawyers. We have been recognized by Super Lawyers as “Rising Stars,” an honor given to 2.5% of Georgia’s lawyers. The National Law Journal has placed us among its “Top 50 Elite Trial Lawyers,” Georgia Trend magazine has placed us as among the Georgia’s “Legal Elite,” the Daily Report has featured our attorneys as “On the Rise,” and the National Trial Lawyers Association has placed us in its “Top 100.” Avvo has awarded us the “Client’s Choice Award,” and we have won the Georgia Bar Association’s first-ever “Young Litigator of the Year” award.

You won’t see us on billboards or television commercials. That’s not who we are. Rather than taking lots of cases and settling them for less than our client deserves—as many advertising law firms do—we take fewer cases and focus on obtaining the best possible result for each client. We treat our clients like people, not numbers. When you call us on the phone, you’ll talk to your lawyer—not just a receptionist.

If we don’t win, you don’t pay us. We stand behind our work—if we don’t win your case, you don’t owe us a dime. In every case we take, our legal fee is a percentage of the money we recover for our client. On top of that, we’ll analyze your case for free. If you’d like for us to take a look at your case, call us at 404-JUSTICE (404-587-8423), start a chat session using the box below, or tell us about your case using the form near the bottom of this page.

My son-in-law who is an attorney said that Darren and Jeb were two of the best attorneys he knew; he was so right.

Ingrid M.

I spent a week in Grady’s ER and another six months in a wheelchair. My bills were enormous. But through Darren’s diligent efforts I was able to recover all of my expenses, cover the extensive medical costs and rehabilitation, and get compensation for my pain. Darren found resources I would never have known about. Beyond his top legal prowess he showed me real friendship.

Karl Hammerberg

Jeb was great to work with and he did an amazing job on my case! He is a great listener and is very understanding. He went through great lengths to find anything that could help with my case! My sister who is a paralegal looked up Mr. Butler beforehand and she was very impressed with what she found. In the end, I was able to get out of my unsafe environment without any issues thanks to Jeb!


He made me feel like I was his only client. When I went into the office to meet Darren for the first time, I was introduced to the entire staff including his partner, Jeb Butler. Each of them made me feel as if I was the most important client in their firm.

Carol Frye

We filed a wrongful death case from a car wreck when my son passed away. We went all the way to trial and got a verdict of $150 million. We couldn’t have made this happen without this wonderful man and his team.

Lindsay W.

I was referred to Mr. Darren Tobin and from our first conversation, I knew there was something special about him… I hold Mr. Darren Tobin in the highest regard because he is an attorney with an uncompromising character that will fight for you until the end.

Ashley Harris

Darren was honestly a Godsend. After the death of my brother, my mother and I had no idea what to do or what the next steps were to take. Darren was a voice for us even when we couldn’t find the words to say. With Darren we felt taken care of, informed, and like he was part of the family. Darren was an excellent lawyer and an exceptional human being.

Laure M.

There are a lot of lawyers who pay for billboards and run TV ads. Darren is not one of them. He just goes about his business with class.

Michoel Refson

Jeb and his firm represented my family when my mom was paralyzed in a rollover. From the very beginning my family was put at ease in such a time of turmoil. He was sure to not overlook any details, and was prepared for anything that could come his way during the case.


My son was asleep in the back seat when he was awakened by the impact; he was an 18 year old college freshman and professional dancer, at the time. He was paralyzed December 3, 2010 due to another driver hitting them head on. Jeb Butler not only is a superb lawyer, he is very knowledgeable and extremely easy to talk to. He made me feel as though we were his only client and the most important people the entire time. Although there is no amount of money that could EVER replace what happened to my son, Jeb was able to recover more than we thought possible.

Carlas S.

Jeb provided exceptional legal representation on my behalf after an auto accident. His diligence, attention to detail, responsiveness, and candor made him a pleasure to work with. I would absolutely recommend this individual as a legal representative in an auto accident case.


No exaggeration, I’ve worked one on one with Jeb, of Butler Tobin Law Firm, for a little over a year now. I was constantly in awe of his availability for my questions, regardless how busy he was. Jeb was always on point with responding to emails, calls and text messages. We found, not just an attorney, but someone who is understanding, patient, reliable, and even has a sense of humor (which always helps!). If you’re looking for dependable, honest, sincere, Jeb Butler is who you need to call! He has been so good to our family with his services throughout this past year! Words can’t express how appreciative we all are!

Mandy Rice






Today, a company that televises trials nationwide chose our firm’s verdict in Walden v. Chrysler as the NUMBER ONE verdict in the United States based on the size of the verdict, the facts of the case, and “and the verdict’s broader impact.”


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